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Services offered by DESYX Capital
  • Develop and recommend strategies and business plans for real estate investment portfolios, individual properties and obtain required approvals.
  • Evaluate and prepare recommendations for selection of property operations personnel and other professionals required to achieve the approved business plan (property managers, lawyers, architects, engineers and other required professionals).
  • Continuous supervision and monitoring of property manager performance and their success rate in achieving the approved objectives. Implement corrective measures when necessary.
  • Monitor organisational needs and recommend modifications to staffing when required with the objective of maintaining and improving real estate portfolio performance.
  • Establish annual yield and internal rate of return expectations for individual properties and the ensuing performance of the real estate portfolio.
  • Monitor control mechanisms and ensure they are appropriate and respected. Ensure and monitor rigorous application of integrity, governance and ethics parameters.
  • Work closely with members of the management team to analyse real estate investment strategies and lead the approval process, as well as actions approved in the business plan (supervise and coordinate acquisitions and dispositions, developments and renovations, approve leasing transactions and other transactions dictated by the business plan).
  • Work with various consultants (buyers, vendors, brokers, lawyers and other professionals), analyse values and negotiate acceptable pricing to achieve the objectives as set by the approved business plan objectives.
  • Execute strategies as per the approved business plans (repositioning and redevelopment, or disposition of real estate assets) profitably and in a timely manner.
  • Think outside the box and propose innovative ideas to overcome challenges towards the achieving business plan objectives (litigation, tenant in default, lease renewals, vacancies, physical and/or environmental challenges, etc.).
  • Coordinate and supervise the annual property appraisal process.
  • Formulate a vision for real estate projects where required and negotiate with community groups and governmental authorities to obtain required authorisations to implement the vision.
  • Participate directly in specific projects where the participation of an independent third party, or the expertise of DESYX Capital is required.
  • Prepare and present Board of Directors meeting documents.

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